Thursday, December 19, 2013

We're Having a Heat Wave.....

The temperature in my little Home Sweet Home this morning is right where it should be.  And as I have no desire to go outside and play in the snow, it looks like I can put away the long johns and wool socks.  Although I am going to keep them handy and keep an eye on the temp for a few days just to be sure.  It seems that the night before last when the furnace man put the outer covering back on the furnace, he accidentally knocked a wire loose, which shut down the heat to several apartments.  But it is fixed.  I am a happy apartment dweller again!

Note to Jess:  The problem was just what you said.  The door in the duct that regulated heat to my apartment was not working right.  I had passed that information on to my landlord, who, in turn, told the furnace guy and he either fixed or replaced it.  So thank you for your help!

It is really nice not to have to wear several layers of clothing inside.  And even better, I can feel my toes again.  Life is good.