Saturday, December 14, 2013

Tattler Lids

Woo Hoo!  I discovered yesterday that my local Cub Foods grocery, the only grocery I can get to by bus other than WalMart, now carries Tattler canning lids.  I bought one each of the large and small sizes.  I have four pressure canner loads of meat to process today, so I am giving them a test run.

I have heard about these reusable canning lids for quite some time, and most reports have been good.  The only place to buy them, at least in my area, was online.  I don't do plastic - cash only, so ordering online was not an option for me.  My daughter tells me that many Cub Foods stores will order case lots for a customer if it is requested.  So that may be an option.  If the experiment works.

Tattler lids are not cheap.  But neither are the metal lids that I have used for years.  I did the math, and found that just using the Tattler lids twice would pay for the metal lids to process the same number of jars.  And the Tattler lids can be used many more times than that.

Does it say "pathetic life" when I get excited about canning lids?  Probably!


  1. I judge people by what they find pleasing. The simpler; the better in my mind. Life's complicated enough, without adding things without purpose or only to fulfill an unwarranted, selfish want.

    With that in mind, if you really want to know how easily I'm pleased, I can say that my only need for Christmas are new socks and underwear. Those things mean more to me than the shiniest of things. Without having either that are comfortable, my daily life of work is miserable.

    Since I can get both on my own, I only wish for moments of peace and the comfort of being surrounded by my family.

  2. Jess...I tend toward the same sort of philosophy. Stuff, as such, holds no interest for me. As you saw in this post, I get excited about something like a new kind of canning lid that will save me money in the long run. And that I can use over and over again. I would rather have a case of canning jars or a few rolls of Foodsaver bags than the latest electronic gadget.

    The time that I spend with my family on holidays far outweighs any gift. They are my joy.

    And just for the record, one of my daughters likes to give me Target gift cards for holidays or birthdays. I like that. Take a wild guess as to what I spent the last one on..................................

    socks and underwear! Honest!

  3. You mean you're not supposed to get excited over canning lids?? Hmmfff... who knew!

  4. Ah.....a kindred spirit. The simple pleasures of life are often the best!