Sunday, January 22, 2017

Busy Week

Last week was a busy one.  Lori picked up my new shelving unit and Duane set it up for me.  I spent a couple of days getting boxes and tubs of fabric and quilting supplies and yarn off the floor and onto the shelves, along with several cases of home canned food.  Didn't take long to fill up the shelves.

Friday morning the cleaners came in and scrubbed out my apartment.  Thanks to my kids for such a good Christmas gift. The cleaners did a great job.  It is so nice to have the dust bunnies gone and the corners that have been tough for me to get into, shiny clean again.  It will make it easier to maintain when I'm not trying to get caught up but am starting out fresh.

I had about 20 lbs. each of potatoes, carrots and onions to dehydrate, so after taking Saturday off to just rest, I got the vegetables cleaned, sliced and diced.  The potatoes are in the dehydrators.  The carrots and onions are in the fridge waiting their turn.

I watched parts of Inauguration Day and I have to admit to feeling a real sense of relief when Mr. Trump was finally sworn in as our President.  There has been so much protesting, negative rhetoric and outright threats connected to this event that I wondered if someone would actually do something to try to stop the Inauguration from happening.  Aside from the expected sign carrying, foul mouthed protesters and the few window breaking, car burning thugs, the whole thing went off without a hitch.

I have to admit that the best part was watching that helicopter carrying Obama flying away and knowing that finally there is a President now who actually wants to work for the people rather than work to destroy my beloved America.

I do fear that we who prep may become complacent just because of the changes in Washington.  Our government is far from being fixed.  And although the major threat to our well being is gone, there remain those who will do everything in their power to try to keep we the people in what they consider to be our place.  I am guessing that President Trump will have to fight hard to keep his campaign promises.  That being said, I still have much more hope today than I have had in the last several years.

So I will continue as I have been doing - preserving whatever foods I can - adding to my supplies - learning as much as I can that will help me and mine weather whatever storms come our way.  Seems like the sensible thing to do.


  1. You're wise to continue being prepared.

  2. Vicki, good to hear from you! I assumed you were busy as usual, however, one never knows when something unexpected could take place. I haven't commented for a while but wanted to let you know that I do miss your blog updates when they are not as regular as usual. All is well!

    Big dito on your thoughts concerning the inauguration and the transition. I too was much relieved! We can now hopefully have someone in office who loves this country. I never believed that of the recently departed POTUS.

    Like you, I continue my preparations as we face unsure times. Enjoy your early spring cleanliness! CW from Iowa

  3. Sounds like a good plan. I too feel better about our direction.

  4. Gorges...I have noticed here and there that some seem to be backing off the prepping, thinking that with a new President, everything will be just dandy. But there are so many things that we need to be prepared for other than government interference that it just seems foolish to me to slow down.

  5. CW from Iowa...I still have a hard time realizing that there are those who would wonder what happened to me if I don't post regularly. It is very humbling. I will make an effort to be more consistent with my posts. :)

    Like you, I have always believed that the last POTUS had his own interests at heart and never gave a second thought to those of the people. I have hope that things will change for the better. But I still think that we should be prepared. There are lots of things going on in our world that have the potential to mess us up. Bottom line - I do not want to be one of those people who, when there is a life changing event, are standing in line at the grocery store trying to buy the last loaf of bread!!

    I am really enjoying my squeaky clean apartment. The trick is to keep it that way. :)

  6. Rob...I am hopeful for the first time in 8 years but there are still other things that could derail us. Illness, job loss for many, any number of personal crisis that could make life difficult. Then we have a crazy Korean with a nuke and Russians rattling their sabers and all sorts of unrest here and abroad. Just makes sense to be prepared. And if nothing ever happens, we sure will eat well for number of years!!

  7. Welcome back. I, too, miss you when you're not posting.
    Kudos again to your kids for such a great and meaningful Christmas present. And for your son and friend to help set up your newest shelving units.
    I found myself glued to the tv Friday to watch the coverage. I do have to confess that I often had the sound off though. I offered up a sigh of relief when the swearing in was done.
    And, yes, I will continue to prepare. I've only managed quick trips away from my apartment this week because my area has been hit hard with the flu. Having a well stocked pantry means I don't have to leave home and that is a blessing.
    Cheers to you. SJ in Vancouver BC

  8. Thanks, SJ...I should know better. When someone I read regularly doesn't post for a while, I tend to worry that something bad has happened.

    I was at my son's apartment with Lori during the inauguration, waiting for the cleaners to do their thing. They have a really comfortable glider rocking chair and I will own up to napping a bit, but I managed to watch the important parts. I think the whole country, minus those who are still crying about Hillary's loss, breathed a collective sigh of relief when the oath of office was done. I know I did.

    My kids really are good about helping out. It is so nice to have everything organized on the shelves the way I want it and to have the apartment spic and span clean again. They even scrubbed out the inside of my microwave. Didn't miss a trick.

    Isn't it nice to know that you don't need to go out if you don't want to. Flu making its way through the population is as good a reason as any to stay in. When I see where folks are slacking off on prepping I just want to holler at them to keep on. You and I both know it isn't just the big, earth shattering events we prep for. It is also the flu or an ice storm or a job loss that makes it necessary to keep a deep pantry. I wish more people understood that prepping doesn't mean going out and buying a truck load of freeze dried food. It is a lifestyle. Like you, my friend, the ability to stay home if I choose to really is a blessing. :)

  9. I read that the liberals were now prepping. That's a shame. With them prepping, I doubt I'll be able to buy Twinkies for a year.

  10. Isn't a wonderful feeling knowing everything is nice and clean? It is so hard to keep up with those dang bunnies - they sure do breed fast! I would love to have a cleaning woman - just for a day! (but then she would probably quit after the first hour!) Probably would wonder why there were chicken feathers in the house!
    A big relief now that there is a patriot in our White House again. We've needed one for a long time but we have only ourselves to blame. Thankfully we woke up!
    You are right - we should never let our guard down. Prepping should be a way of life and not done in spurts. Waiting for a big nor'easter to hit our area later this afternoon - it's getting windy out now.

  11. Jess...That's funny! Somehow I don't think prepping means the same thing to them that it does for the rest of us. Might be closer to the Twinkies thing than we realize. :)

  12. CM...It surely is wonderful to have everything so nice and clean again! The only problem is that now I'm sort of scared to start any sewing projects or canning projects for fear of messing things up. :)

    It has been so long since anyone in the White House has cared what happened to folks like you and me. I pray that he will remember his promises and will do everything in his power to get us back where we need to be as a country.

    I didn't know I was a prepper until I started reading about preppers. That's just what my parents and grandparents did to get through our winters. Stay safe and warm with that storm blowing in. We are supposed to get several inches of heavy, wet snow starting tomorrow. Isn't it nice to know that we don't need to rush to the grocery store before a storm?

  13. all you need to do is once a week post that you are well but a bit too busy to write a regular post.
    just enough to reassure us.

    isn't God good?
    your place is clean and organized.
    good way to start the new year.

    p.s. will you get rid of that recaptcha thing?
    i don't see well enough to mess with it.

  14. deb...Good idea. Sometimes I get busy and sometimes my quiet lifestyle just lacks topics to write about. I will try harder to post, even if it is to tell you all that I have nothing to post about. :)

    God is most assuredly good. Gave me four children who understand that their mother hates to ask for help and who offer solutions to problems anyway. It is so nice to be able to get on with the things I want to do without having to spend so much time trying to catch up on the cleaning that went by the wayside when such chores became more difficult for me.

    About the recaptcha thing - I have tried to get rid of it to no avail. I didn't put it there. It just appeared one day. However, I just ignore it when I answer comments or when I comment on other blogs that have it. So far I have been able to comment without needing to use it. Give that a try and let me know if that works for you.

  15. Glad to hear the cleaners worked out well, definitely a nice feeling to have everything shiny and clean!

  16. Jenn...It has been a bit frustrating to be unable to get caught up due to physical limitations. But now that the deep cleaning has been done, it should be easier for me. Love having my apartment sparkling clean again. :)

  17. I felt the same way about President Trump finally getting into office. I saw on television that Obama released several million dollars in "aid" to the "Palestinian Authority" also known as the terrorist group FATAH. That was Obama's last official act, and indicative of his whole 8 years.

    I am concerned about how crazy the leftists are getting, and how aggressive. There have been a whole rash of really unbelievable incidents of violence by Hillary supporters against Trump supporters. Always a mob of them attacking one Trump supporter. That was happening before the election but I thought things would calm down. It seems like they are worse now than before!

  18. Harry...I saw the same reports. I think it was over 200 million Obama sent to our enemies. Talk about poking the American public in the eye with a stick on his way out the door. I believe his legacy is one of treason.

    I share your concerns about the craziness among those on the left. Folks that I have known my whole life to be good, honest folks have turned into rabid, vicious, vindictive crazies. I have noticed it on a personal level when I check Facebook. I never comment there, but I do read posts and comments and I am appalled by the nastiness of comments from people I know. It is like they all went insane at the same time. And it just keeps getting worse.