Monday, January 30, 2017

Slightly Sidetracked

Sometimes I am easily sidetracked.  I start out with a goal in mind and before I know it, I am off in another direction.

My intention was to get out the fabric pieces that are ready to sew together for a quilt.  While rummaging around in the tub where they have been living since I cut them out last fall, I found two bags of partially crocheted afghans.  They are partially done because I was using yarn left over from another project, and I ran out.  And I haven't been to the store to get enough yarn to finish them.  So I sat down and figured out what colors and how many skeins of each color I need.

Back to the tub.  A little further down I found a length of fabric that will work well for sashing strips between the blocks of another quilt top waiting to be finished.  Ironed the fabric and cut out the pieces I will need.

Back to the tub.  Next I found another quilt top that was finished.  I think I remember that when I sewed this one together I made a mistake that has to be fixed.  I looked it over but couldn't find the error, so I set it aside and will press it later, when I get ready to add the batting and backing.

Back to the tub.  I finally I found the quilt pieces I was looking for to begin with.  I sat down and started sewing.  This quilt is an old pattern that has just two colors.  I'll take a picture when it is finished.

There are quilters who make fancy quilts that are the kind seen in quilt shows.  I am not one of those quilters.  Mine are of simple patterns and are made to be used as opposed to being hung on a wall and admired.  Guess that comes from my frugal ancestors.  Those other quilters have studio sewing rooms and shelf after shelf of designer fabrics that cost a lot of money.  I wait until my local Joann Fabrics store runs a sale on quilt cottons and then I stock up on enough fabric for several quilts.  My "studio" consists of my kitchen table for cutting fabric and a table in my living room for sewing.  I love the looks of all those beautiful quilts at quilt shows, but the thing is, I really love what I do and more importantly, I love making something that is useful.  And for that I don't need a studio.  My setup works just fine.

And with that, it is back to my sewing machine.  There are lots more little pieces that need to be attached to other little pieces.  Funny...I have very little patience for some things, but all the patience in the world for making useful stuff.


  1. Please post some of your work. We would like to see it.

  2. BW...I'm sort of tied up this week, but I can take some pictures toward the end of the week and post them. I guess I'm kind of surprised that anyone would be interested in seeing my efforts. :)

  3. My Maternal grandmother and paternal great aunt used to quilt. Their patience always amazed me.

  4. read that the amish always have one imperfect quilt square to remind us that only God is perfect.
    you might leave the imperfection in the quilt top.

  5. I can't read about quilts without thinking about my older sister Judy. She hated me. No other way to say it. Then my youngest sister Diane was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three Feb.'s ago. She hated me. When I heard about her, I drove down to her house (30 miles) to see her. I brought with me copies of old sermons from the church we grew up in. She came down the stairs and gave me a Big HUG. It felt so good. She said that what I had brought was what she needed most. The words of the Lord. I stayed and took care of her for the next 6 months until she died. I took her everywhere she needed to go, I slept on her couch. The past no longer mattered. We shared the love of Jesus. I still have the note she gave me, saying that she loves me more than words can say. My older sister Judy would come down and visit, but wouldn't talk to me. After Diane died, she called me and wanted to meet at McDonalds. I went to see her, and told her I have never had any ill will towards her, I was just waiting for her to come to her senses. She then invited me over to
    her house to work on quilts. (30 miles east of me). She helped me make a railroad theme quilt for my grandson, and I helped her finish up 3 quilts she had been working on for 30 years, waiting to be finished. We were making progress, and the
    week before the phone call, I had insisted on finishing a quilt that she put on her
    bed. Tim, her husband was shocked it got done. Then, my phone rang. It was my mother. Judy had died. No warning, just said she couldn't breath, and was gone.
    She was 65 years old. The many bins of fabric scraps, the unfinished quilts, and projects became our healing grounds. I have been so thankful for those days, spent sewing together, having tea and lunch, cutting out squares, so I don't have to look
    back and deal with anguish that I lost another sister and we didn't get to mend fences. To this day, I don't really know why they hated me, because the past didn't matter and we never discussed it. We only looked forward, and I cherish our very short time. So, yes, I love quilts, but for much more than warmth.

  6. Gorges...My paternal grandmother made quilts but she died when I was very young, so I never learned from her. I just sort of learned on my own from reading books on the subject. There is a lot of patience required, but I guess when you are doing something you enjoy, the patience is just there, if that makes any sense.

  7. deborah...I have heard the same thing about Amish quilts. I have also heard that sometimes those who do Indian beadwork will put in a single bead of the wrong color, for the same reason. I don't need to worry about that because my quilts are less than perfect to begin with. :)

  8. Anon...Thank you so much for sharing your story. What a blessing it is that you were able to mend fences with both of your sisters.

    I have long believed there is something therapeutic in the process of making a quilt. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but I know that when I get involved in making one, the troubles of the world just melt away. That is probably true of you and your sister in that while quilting, you were able put past hurts behind you and were able to regain the love you had for one another.

    I am sorry that you lost both of your sisters, but I am happy for you in that you are able to leave the past where it belongs and can move forward without the regrets. May God bless you.

  9. I get sidetracked too, probably why I have unfinished craft projects everywhere. I get in the mood to do one craft and forget the others.
    Can't wait to see some quilts!

  10. Jenn...Ah, a kindred crafty spirit. :) I haven't even talked about the bins of scrapbooking supplies I have stashed, waiting for me to do something with them!
    Some folks have just one hobby or interest, but I am afraid I am not one of them. Too many ideas - not enough time in this lifetime to do everything I want to do.
    Should be able to post a couple of pictures later in the week.

  11. You too have that same issue, squirrel, when you are working, squirrel, and you forget wh, squirrel, at you started out to do. My youngest, bird, daughter is like, bird, that when she, cat, she has her face in her, fire truck, i phone, you talk to her about dinner, she walks into the house, oh chicken for dinner?? FACEPALM...

  12. Rob...Ha! You're funny! But you are also right. Things like canning - I keep on until I am done. But with hobbies I sometimes get distracted. Like when I was looking for my quilt pieces. All in all, it does keep life interesting (squirrel).