Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Sniffle and Snort Are Gone...

but the cough remains.  Thought I was getting better right up to the time my cold circled around and kicked me a good one in the keister.  The cough is much better now and I am finally feeling good enough to be up and about again.  Just don't bounce back as quickly as I used to.

Duane brought me a bag of those lovely, sweet little Clementines and a bucket of ice cream.  Have been doing a pretty good job of eating my way through the Clementines.  And yes, I know it is winter.  And it is miserably cold outside.  But I still love ice cream and a treat always seems to make things better.

Later this week Duane will set up my new shelving unit and I can move cases of home canned food from the floor of my bedroom to the shelves.  I'm using the two bottom shelves for my fabric, quilting supplies and yarn.  I wanted to get that done before the cleaners come on the 20th of this month.  Other than some frozen hash browns and 20 lbs. of regular potatoes to dehydrate, I have nothing planned as far as canning or dehydrating goes.  I really want to get some serious sewing on quilt tops done.

I hear about major snow storms across the country, but so far they have missed us.  One day the temperatures are in the 20's and the next day, below zero.  We have had only an inch or two of snow now and then - just enough to keep the roads a bit slippery.  Duane has a good sized hill to climb going to work and he has to navigate the curves on that road downhill coming home at night.  He tells me that hill is probably the most clear of any road in the state.  The county keeps it well sanded and salted.  If they didn't, there would be a pile-up of cars at the bottom every night.

That's about all I know.  I have pretty much let the world continue to turn without any help from me the past few days.  Hope to get caught up on reading my favorite blogs in the next day or so.  It is nice to be back in the land of the living once again.  :)


  1. I too have been sick, but my cough is killing me. i feel that Sammy has been sitting on my ribs. I have an idea for your storage unit. In stead of putting all on the bottom two shelves, depending on width, put some on each level to the far side, separate with book ends. That way you don't have to bend over as much?? What do you think?? You could used 25% for sewing items, 75% for canned items.....Just thinking out loud...

  2. Rob...Must be something going around. About half the people I know have been sick. The cough is what has been keeping me awake nights, but it is much better now.
    The shelf unit is 6 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide with 5 shelves. Seems like a good idea. I'll have to see how it works when I start loading it up.

  3. Glad you are starting to feel better. There IS something "going 'round". Just cannot get to feeling right. I guess old age slammed me in the patutie! LOL!
    Keep us posted on the storage caper!

  4. CM...That's what it is...just can't get to feeling right. I haven't been sick like with the flu - just no energy and all I have been wanting to do is read or sleep. Hate to admit the old age thing, but there it is!

    I will report on the shelf thing. Had to postpone it due to one thing or another, but I really need to get it done now.

  5. Glad you're feeling better. You'll be back to doing too much before you know it! - lol

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better. It's funny now about blogging friends. We've never met in person but I look forward to chatting with you and miss you when you're not 'around'.
    Yes, I love the thrift stores. My big find was 6 pint jars and 4 rings for $1.40. That's a great price here.
    Have you ever tried your hand at marmalade? Just wondering.
    Funny, I'm making my way through a small bag of 'Cutie' mandarins as well. Yum. They make me miss CA though. We had two lemon trees in my front yard when I was a kid. Like other things, store bought is ok but homegrown is better.
    Not doing much today. Going out for dinner with my Senior's group tonight. I did it last week and then spent four days at home taking it easy from it. But oh so worth it. I understand your lack of energy. That's me as well. Cheers, SJ

  7. Thanks, Gorges...You have pretty much got me figured out, don't you. :)

  8. SJ...That's the way it is with blogging friends. I know that if someone I read regularly suddenly goes quiet, I worry that something bad has happened to them. A few years ago I wouldn't have thought it possible to form friendships with folks I never met - but now I know better.

    That was a really good price on pint jars. Here they run between $8 and $9 for a case of 12. I don't buy mine at the thrift stores. For some reason known only to them, they seem to think that canning jars are made of gold and price them accordingly!

    I have never tried making marmalade. I don't make apple or pear butter either. I just stick to the basic jams and jellies. When I have to buy all my fruit, I am reluctant to experiment due to the cost. We can't grow citrus here, but I remember how good the apples from our little orchard tasted when I was a kid. Yep...homegrown is always better.

    Enjoy your evening out. Funny, isn't it, how we are willing to pay the consequences (recovery time) for something we truly love to do. Hope it won't cost you another four days, but even if it does, I understand how it is worth it. Have fun. :)

  9. With enough practice the coughing eventually gets better.

    Seriously though, get better soon.

  10. BW...As in practice makes perfect. :)

    It is getting better. I'm nearly back to whatever passes for normal.

  11. There's another big storm working it's way into the Ohio Valley tonight, up where my kids are. They left one big storm down here and now that they are home they have to deal with another one. I thought Global "warming" was the big issue, but they might do better to fuss about the cold when they have these big political get togethers and make new laws. Glad you are feeling better.

  12. Harry...Global warming didn't work too well for those pushing that agenda, so they switched it to "climate change." I guess those government types who want to regulate every facet of our lives haven't bothered to read history The earth has gone through all sorts of climate changes. But if they admitted that fact, they couldn't pass their laws to regulate and make themselves a bucket load of money.

    Unless your kids like winter, I'm guessing they have had enough between the two storms. We have had only a few days of bitter cold and not much snow. I think there are only maybe 4 or 5 inches of snow on the ground. Some of mine are wanting more snow - some like to go snowmobile riding and other like to ski. Some like to go ice fishing, but even in the last week or so there were vehicles breaking through the ice because there haven't been enough really cold days to freeze the ice on the lakes thick enough to drive on.

    Me...I'm ready for spring. :)