Friday, May 18, 2012

Bad Memory - Sometimes a Good Thing

I don't waste time worrying about many things.  Most things are out of my control.  Many things I can not change.  Some things that one tends to worry about may never happen.  I prefer to remain as happy and positive as possible. and then I worry a little bit about my fading memory.  I think this bothers me because several years ago, after a rather nasty illness, I suffered short term memory loss for a while, and still do just a little bit, though now this loss is probably more due to my age.  Nevertheless, my memory, or lack thereof, tends to bother me from time to time.

Like the time I had to call my daughter and ask her to buy a birthday card to give her son for me, as I couldn't remember where I had put the one I bought for him.  (Note to self:  Never, ever hide anything away for safekeeping.  The next time anybody will see it is when your kids are cleaning out your house after you die!)

Or like when my keys were missing, only to turn up after a couple of hours of searching, in the pocket of the pants I wore the day before.

Or like when I wrote out a detailed grocery list only to forget it on the kitchen table when I left for the grocery store.  I do that one about half the time.

But sometimes memory loss isn't all bad.  Like one day last week.  When I was really craving something chocolate, but wasn't about to walk to the store just for a candy bar.  Decided to clean out some cupboards instead.  Found a rather large bag of M & M's stuck back behind some canned goods.  Right where I had put it.  And then promptly forgot that it was there.

Sometimes a bad memory is a good thing.  Especially when the outcome is chocolate.

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