Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Envy Rears Its Ugly Head

I am not, as a general rule, envious of people or their possessions.  I am perfectly happy with my simple lifestyle and don't care much about owning "stuff."  I feel no need to replace my beat-up furniture or to own a shiny new car.  The things that I do own serve me well, and I don't need to have a panic attack if the cat sleeps on the couch and leaves a little hair behind or if the dog gets sick on the throw rug.  Those things can be cleaned and work just fine, but if I had all brand spanking new, expensive stuff, I would probably waste a lot of time worrying about every little spot and hair.  I have neither the time nor the patience for that.

However, lately I find myself growing a little bit green with envy.  There are several blogs and YouTube channels that I follow fairly regularly, and it seems that most of those folks have planted or are in the process of planting their gardens.  I am envious.

I really enjoyed having a garden.  I miss it.  I like digging in the dirt.  I like watching things grow.  I love the produce that comes from a garden instead of a grocery store.  The weeding part.....not so much.  But the end result is worth the time and effort.

My landlord suggested that I plant some tomatoes in pots and put them out on the deck of my building.  But things that are unattended around here tend to disappear, so I decided against it.  I may have to start a little kitchen window sill herb garden and see how that works.  Until then, I will have to control my envy and just enjoy watching other people's gardens grow.  And wait for the Farmer's Market this summer.  The produce I get there is as good, almost, as what I used to grow myself.  My son said he wouldn't take me to the Farmer's Market any more unless he had a truck and a hand dolly for hauling all of the produce I buy.  Guess what.  He bought a truck.  I have a hand dolly.  Farmer's Market, here we come!

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