Monday, May 28, 2012

I Really Hate Housework

That statement would probably send my mother over the edge.  She was really big on making sure that dust bunnies never had a chance to reproduce under a bed and that every window was covered by snowy white starched curtains and that the glass sparkled.  Sometimes I think that if I had a quarter for every time as a kid, I scrubbed down the stairs at the farm, using an old toothbrush to get into the corners, I probably could have retired a year earlier than I did.

OK.  You don't have to point out to me that this is an exaggeration.  I know it.  It is just that most times when I think about the farm, I see those stairs that I came to dislike with every fiber of my being.  Saturdays shouldn't have to be spent scrubbing things within an inch of their lives, just in case company might come over.  When you are a kid, Saturdays are for playing in the woods or a game of baseball or even a game of Monopoly with your sister.  Not for scrubbing.

I very rarely have my TV on any more.  One of the reasons is that commercials make me crazy.  Show me just one woman who dances about her kitchen with unrestrained joy because her wine glasses sparkle from being washed in one particular kind of dish washing soap, and I will show you one seriously deranged lady.  I suppose that the Suzy Homemaker type of commercials are more rare these days.  Commercials for video games and every electronic gadget known to man have taken over.  But I can remember when I did watch TV years ago, there were women who crooned over a new refrigerator like it was a long lost lover and, in their high heels and frilly aprons, exclaimed over the kitchen floors so shiny you could see your face in them, or floated about their bathrooms, happily sniffing the air because their favorite cleaning product made the toilet smell good.  Odd.....I don't ever recall getting all blissfully teary-eyed over a sweet smelling potty.

I think that if the truth be known, the only people who don't dislike housework are the ones who have cleaning ladies to do it for them.  The rest of us would probably rather be doing any number of other things.  Maybe I am just envious of those who don't have to bother with scrubbing floors or washing dishes or changing the linen on the beds.  That's more than likely it.

OK. I am all done with this rant.  And I have taken a long enough break.  Time to get back to what brought this all on in the first place.....washing the walls and woodwork in my bedroom.

Mother would be proud.

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