Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot and Humid

It is hot here.  Not Texas or Oklahoma hot.  Or desert hot.  But hot for Minnesota.  But then we whine when temps go above 85 degrees.  We are heat wimps.

And my air conditioning doesn't seem to be working all that well, due to the wiring that burned in the fire.  I won't complain, however.  I still have a home and it is a bit cooler in here than outside.

My landlord's insurance people have been here.  One of them ran a finger over the top of my freezer in the kitchen, which I had already washed down, and another checked out the top of my kitchen table.  Did they really think that I would eat my meals on a table covered in gray smoke film for the four days that passed before they arrived?  My living room got the worst of the smoke, and the gray film on the walls and woodwork is thick enough to write my name in, but that was ignored.  Sigh.

They declared my apartment in perfect condition so there will be nobody coming in to do any cleaning.  I had hoped to at least get my carpets done, but it isn't to be.  So I clean in the early mornings and after sundown in the evenings.  I am way too old and too fat to be climbing up and down washing walls during the heat of the day.  Which gives me a really good excuse to take a nap or read or sew or to do something else that is quiet and doesn't expend a lot of energy.  I can live with that!

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