Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Gorgeous Day

That's two in a row.  We are on a roll!

Today was grocery shopping day.  Time to catch up on a few things I was running low on.  I had been putting off going to the store because I so dislike going out when it is so icy cold.

Usually I treat myself to a meal out once a month about the time my check arrives.  I decided to skip that treat in favor of a few grocery items I had been craving.  Bananas.  Grapes - two varieties.  And my new love - bacon flavored crackers.  Yes, I know.  They aren't good for me.  I don't care.  They are good.  With cheese.  If they kill me, I will die happy.

After the groceries were put away, Jessie Jane and I went for a walk down along the river.  I thought for sure it would overflow its banks this year, what with all of the snow we had, but although the water level is high, it has a ways to go before flooding.  I am always grateful that whoever planned this town had the good sense to build far enough up the hill above the river so the flood waters never reach us.

And now I'm off to tackle the pile of laundry that kind of got away from me while I was a bit under the weather.  And I sometimes think the weather can bring on bouts of illness.  Especially if a person is cooped up for months at a time.  I know that all it took for me to get back to normal were a couple of warm, sunny days.

Oh, yeah.  Peeps.  I bought Peeps.  Just because I could!


  1. Oh its so nice outside. Ran to the store today I had my sweat shirt on and my daughter didn't wear a jacket at all. All the snow from last week is gone, as is almost all the snow we had over the winter. Just an area in the shade of the house. The birds start signing an hour before sunrise.

  2. Rob.....The first thing I noticed this morning while waiting for the bus was the sounds of the birds. It was such a welcome sound. The only snow I saw was where the plows have piled it up over the winter. I like it!

  3. And the sound of kids playing in the neighborhood is a welcome sound.
    I spent part of yesterday cleaning up all of the crud our cars drag into our garage in the winter.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  4. David.....Thanks, Son. All it took was a couple of warm days and no more snow!

    I love those sounds of spring. Even the sight of people out riding their bicycles today made me smile. Soon green leaves and lilacs.

    Love, Mom