Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perpetual Three Year Olds

So I'm sitting at my kitchen table writing out a grocery list.  The littlest of my Yorkies, Lily, is standing in front of her open kennel door, fussing.  Then over to me, front paws up on my leg, fussing some more.  Then back to the kennel.  I think she is just being needy, wanting some pets and belly scratches.  But she keeps it up, becoming more agitated the whole time.

So finally I call the other one, Jessie Jane, who, probably thinking there is a treat awaiting, pops out of Lily's kennel.

I didn't realize that dogs have the ability to tattle on one another.  But as soon as Jessie Jane is away from Lily's kennel, Lily struts, head and tail held high, to her now vacant kennel, enters, turns in circles, curls up and promptly goes to sleep.

Jessie Jane is left standing in the kitchen going, "What?"

Yep.  I am living with perpetual tattling three year olds.  And it still takes very little to amuse me.


  1. Being easily entertained can be a good thing. I've always said that I cab sit on a stump and watch two pissants fight and be entertained.

  2. Gorges...I don't seem to have a need for what others would call entertainment. I don't go to movies or watch TV. Maybe a movie once in a while from I could care less about a "night on the town." I am perfectly content to laugh at the antics of my little ankle biters or read or delve into family history. Boring for most. Happy for me.

  3. My sister had a miniature dachshund, which woke the house up one night barking as though something was terribly wrong.

    The problem? A spider was in his water bowl.

    After the spider was removed, he went to verify it was gone and promptly went back to his bed, without drinking any water.

  4. Jess...Now that is funny! And they seem to have the ability to get us to do whatever they want. Either by tantrum or by pestering. Works for them, too.

  5. Cute story, Vicki! I know your little ones must be very good company for you.

    My black Lab is entertaining also when there is a....FLY within 6 feet of her! She goes into attack mode and doesn't rest until she chases it off or kills it! They just aggravate her!


  6. CottonLady...On one hand, they can be a total pain in the whatever, but on the other hand, they keep me smiling. They are pretty good company.

    I love the fly catching Lab! I'm thinking she would come in mighty handy in the summer.

  7. We have 3 cats. The youngest will walk around the house meowing up a storm to see if he can get the other two to come and play. Of the three only the oldest and youngest play. The middle and the youngest fight all the time. Of course all three boys are spoiled.

  8. Rob...Isn't it funny how they all have distinct personalities? Sometimes its fun just to sit back and watch to see what they will do next! But spoiled? Nah. Not possible, any more than my cat and pooches are spoiled. Never happen! (insert huge grin here)