Thursday, April 3, 2014

Son's Weather Report

David receives weather updates because of his job.  He usually posts them on Facebook for friends and family.  Here is this morning's report.

"I'm am sorry my friends, but here it is:
A strong spring storm to affect us over the next 36 hrs. First, mainly just a rain event today with patchy snow mixed mainly before 9 am. No accumulations through the day with a high in the middle 30's. The rain will turn to heavy snow northwest metro 7 pm and southeast 10-11 pm. Heavy snow tonight with 5-9” likely by 6 am. Another 1-3” likely before fully ending around 2 pm for totals of 6-12”. The heaviest amounts will be northwest and least southeast as the change over to snow will occur later over the southeast."

I'm southwest of the city, so I'm not sure how this latest storm will impact my area.  For me, it doesn't really matter.  I'm not going anywhere.  I have plenty of food and supplies.  The critters have lots of food and treats.  Got enough coffee to last a year.  I have loaded over 600 books onto my Kindle.  I'm ready.

This is my Dad's car after a snow storm in about 1953.

And I am truly grateful, especially since I'm still feeling kinda crappy, that I won't be one of those standing in line at the grocery store today.  Think I'll take a nap instead. 


  1. As I like to say, "Time to hunker down." The Kindle seems to be really to your liking. I've so many books loaded to mine its difficult to lift.

  2. Hunker Down is the plan. I may try to get a few more loaves of bread baked. Heavy snow sometimes knocks out the power.

    I love my Kindle. But mine has also gained weight, and I haven't even started buying books yet. May need a pack mule to haul it around.

  3. As of a minute ago nothing here in Cokato. We may make a Walmart run at 4pm if nothing is happening yet.

  4. Rob.....Nothing here but a little rain this morning. Haven't really been paying attention because I'm not going anywhere until Monday. I think you are about to get hit harder than I am down here. Be careful!

  5. Gorges.....I'm not sure if it is wisdom or just a deep dislike of cold and ice and blowing snow! I'll pretty much do whatever it takes to be able to stay inside where it is warm on stormy winter days.

  6. I remember that house. Was there an electric fireplace in the living room?

  7. David...You are thinking about Grandpa's house behind the Piggly Wiggly store. That was the one with the fake fireplace.

    This one was the first house I lived in when my family first moved to Willmar. It was on the east end of town. Your Grandpa rented the small apartment upstairs. I was 5 or 6 years old then.
    Love, Mom