Friday, April 18, 2014

Daughter Saves the Day

So my youngest daughter called me last evening.  She wanted to know if she should pick me up to go to her sister's house for Easter.  We talked for a while and I mentioned to her that I was planning on renting a car for a couple of days.

She wanted to know where I was going.

I said I was going grocery shopping.

She wanted to know why I needed to rent a car for that.

I said I was planning to buy lots of groceries - too many to carry home on the bus.

She asked me where I wanted to go.

I told her.

She said that the Saturday after Easter she would come get me and we would go to the first store where I wanted to shop.

She said that the Saturday after that we would go to the second store.

She said that I didn't need to rent a car when I have children and grandchildren.

Bless her!


  1. Your youngest certainly saves the day. She obviously takes after her mum :)

  2. Dani.....Thank you. What a nice thing to say. I hate asking for help. My kids work so hard and have such limited free time. But she is really making my life easier by doing this. I am blessed.

  3. You my friend have thought your children well. Our kids know that family comes first. The kids always came before the wife and I on everything. Our kids have friends that don't understand that, they keep telling our kids that our kids should come before family.

    Our oldest daughter who is a single mom, has friends who can't understand why we help her. My mom was divorced when I was young and we lived with my grand parents for about 5 years. I so its in our DNA lol

  4. Rob.....I often think that my kids turned out well not because of me, but in spite of me! There was a time when family was not a priority for me. Thank God it was a short lived time and long ago. Of course you help your daughter. That's what we as parents do. It's our job.

    I tend to be an independent cuss. I really dislike asking anyone for help. But my kids seem to have the ability to tell when their help is needed, and it also seems as though they chose those moments to come riding in to save the day! I am so truly blessed.

  5. Mary.....Yes it is, and one that I thank God for each day of my life.

  6. That's what a good kid does. It's a shame there aren't more like her.

  7. Gorges.....I am so lucky to be able to live close to my kids. Not just because they have a willingness to help when needed, but because I so enjoy their company.

  8. Special kids for a special lady.

  9. Jess.....Thank you. What a nice thing to say.

  10. It's good to have family. I don't think any of us can get by just on our own. There's strength in numbers.

  11. Harry.....I think you are right. I would much rather live further north where I could listen to the wolves howl and the loons call each other across the lakes. Where there aren't so many people. But that would take me away from family. And they are much more important to me than anything else.