Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Good Parenting

Today has been cool and rainy.  It was a good day to spend on quiet projects.  Did a bit of sewing, a little reading, a little puttering about in my kitchen.  Nothing very noteworthy, but satisfying nonetheless.

This evening I settled in to work on sewing together the crocheted squares for an afghan.  Brought up the police scanner website to listen to while sewing.

A little while ago I heard one of the dispatchers announce that there was a father at the police station with his 15 year old son.  The father had discovered that his son had been buying drugs from another student at his school, and had promptly brought the son to the station to talk with police about who had sold the drugs.

That had to be hard for a parent to do.  And young boys really don't like to rat out their peers, especially if those peers are the source for their drugs.

All I know is what I heard in the police transmissions, but it sounded to me like the father was determined to put a stop to his son's drug use.  And in the process, he is giving his son a lesson in consequences for actions.

With a parent who cares enough to do what this father is doing tonight, perhaps the boy has a fighting chance.  Too many parents, it seems, don't want to be bothered or make excuses when their children do something stupid.  I wish both the father and his son well, and commend them for what they are doing.


  1. So sad to hear. To the best of my knowledge none of my kids have used drugs or are using drugs.

    I enjoy days like today. We just had some ice pellets hit the house but no snow. The grass is greening up real nice.

  2. Rob...I never had those problems with my kids either, thank God. I was impressed at the action that father was taking to try to put a stop to his son's drug use.

    I don't mind rain. As long as it stays rain! And even with rain, it was a nice, relaxing day.

  3. My prayers for both the father and the son. Definitely a tough thing to do for both of them.

    I have just one child and fortunately she decided to behave herself in school, so I was blessed! My grandsons are in their teens and I pray fervently that all will go well for them. They are home schooled, so don't have that temptation, at least. Their parents keep them working at home and lots of school work too.

    A quiet, but very windy day here, so spent it indoors watching out the window at the trees bend.


  4. CottonLady...I agree - a tough thing to do. I think it was the fact that the son was learning about consequences for actions that caught my attention. That and the fact that the father was involved enough to haul the kid to the police station to teach him that lesson. And to get the one who was doing the selling.

    Good for your grandsons parents with the home schooling. I am all for that even though my grandkids are in public schools. Some of the stuff they are teaching kids now tends to worry me.

    Not much wind here - just rain. Glad to see it, though. With so much of the US in drought conditions, I won't complain about a little rain!

  5. There's not enough fathers like that. I've been around some rough, and wrecked characters in my life. To many spent way too much of their formative years without a father.

  6. Jess...I agree. Kids need parents who will do the right thing, even if it is tough to do. I think this father tonight has gone a long way to getting his son back on the right path in his life.

  7. I hope the police don't arrest the kid and give him a record. Surely they wouldn't, under the circumstances.

  8. Harry...I thought about that. I would think that they might cut him some slack for turning in his supplier. But even if the kid is arrested, and even if he should wind up with a juvenile record, that would be a whole lot better than his dying from a drug overdose. I had a friend whose teenage son died from drug use. It drove her a bit mad. Everything in her life was, in her mind, connected to that event. I finally had to stop seeing her because there was nothing I could say or do to help her and because the whole scenario was bringing me down to a place I didn't want to be. I wouldn't wish that on any parent.

  9. My dad did the same thing to me, except it wasn't for drugs, just doing stupid things in high school and I appreciate it every day.
    I still here him say to me "When you aren't sure if what you are doing is right or wrong, just ask yourself, What would dad say?"
    I teach my kids the same thing. "What would your dad say?"
    Parents need to be more engaged in their kids lives.

  10. Son...I'm so glad that your dad taught you those things, and especially that you are passing those lessons on to your kids. They couldn't have better role models than their Dad and Grandpa.
    Love, Mom