Thursday, May 28, 2015

Minneapolis Declared Safe

There are very few news headlines that cause me to nearly spew a mouthful of coffee all over my keyboard.  But this one came close:  "Minneapolis Police Declare Downtown 'Safe'"

So about 8:30 this evening I tuned in the police scanner for Minneapolis.  Within about 45 minutes I heard the following calls:

Gun shots reported.
Individual on the street threatening people with a baseball bat.
Individuals harassing passengers on a city bus.
Several people fighting in the street.
Another fight in a gas station parking lot.
Victim robbed on the street.
Two people causing disturbance on train.
Large group of juveniles harassing and intimidating people.
An attempted robbery with officer chasing suspect on foot.

Yep.  I  sure feel safer now.


  1. I guess it's a relative thing. Compared to BALTIMORE, it's sort of safe!

  2. That's true, Gorges. Sad thing is, it wouldn't take much these days to turn any city into another Baltimore or Ferguson.

  3. They feel better when they announce such things. It helps control the sinking feeling, when businesses leave, tax revenue falls, and city governments realize they can't pay the bills.

  4. Jess, I think you are right. Then add to it the fact that the ACLU is investigating the Mpls. police department, charging them with arresting more blacks than other racial groups, so they pretty much have to come up with a headline that makes them look good. It is just too bad that there doesn't seem to be much truth in it.