Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nineteen Years...

have passed since I last saw my Mother.

I still miss her.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.


  1. I have lots of memories of my mother, but those that are most vivid are those of her last year.

    She fought hard, but age took all she had left. Watching her struggle, her fear, her unwillingness to give up, and finally the loss of the control of the things that allow dignity were saddening. She was a dynamo that slowly wound down; eventually stopped forever.

  2. Jess...
    I remember your writings about your Mother's struggles and how heart wrenching that was. We can only believe that there is a better place where the fear and struggles are past. For your Mother and mine.

  3. 46 years since I last saw mine.

    As you say, they are in a better place... :)

    1. Btw, your Mum looks lovely- warm, friendly, full of fun - and beautiful.

  4. Thank you, Dani...It doesn't seem to matter how many years they have been away from us...we still miss them so very much. I am still amazed that she was able to retain her sanity and sense of humor even with the painful and devastating effects of arthritis. I doubt if I could.