Saturday, May 23, 2015

Results of Experiment

The canned celery that I dehydrated worked pretty well.  I still don't care much for it when it is rehydrated, although it rehydrates better than the celery I have dried when raw.  Five pints of canned celery dehydrated down to a half pint in volume.  I may just run that through my little grinder for celery powder and use it up that way, for flavor.

The pineapple tidbits rehydrated almost perfectly to their original state and will work in any recipe calling for that size pineapple pieces.  Three 20-oz. cans dried down to one pint.  I will dry more of this.

The pineapple chunks were in  the dehydrator over 24 hours and still weren't completely dry.  I decided that as long as both my son and I like dried pineapple snacks, I would just jar up the pieces, which have sort of a leathery feel to them and use them that way.  The taste is wonderful, but I won't try to dehydrate any more for long term storage.  Six cans of pineapple chunks fit into two pint jars when dried.

Sometimes an idea works and sometimes not.  I guess a person just doesn't know unless you try.


  1. Yep, that's the only way to know for sure!

  2. Gorges...Sometimes a bright idea works - sometimes not. But in the process, a person always learns something. That's a good thing.

  3. I like dried pineapple. I get fresh pineapples on sale and slice them about 1/4 inches thick on a mandolin. No sugar or anything on them. Think they dried in about 12 hours, but that was last year and I can't remember. They are so good to snack on. I canned some in chucks in 8 oz. jelly jars. This year I am going to can some crushed and maybe sliced too. Sure enjoy reading about your canning.

  4. steakandeggs...Fresh pineapple here is sort of spendy, so I usually buy the canned. I may have to try your method, though, because it sounds really good. I like having dried fruit, whether I dry it myself or buy it at the grocery. I think I'd rather snack on that than anything else. Except chocolate. :)