Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend Totals

So after Son made another couple of grocery runs, here is what I have:

A total of 45 lbs. of chicken breast that yielded 54 pints.  I had one jar break in the canner and another that didn't seal, using all metal lids.  The one that didn't seal will be supper tonight, in gravy over biscuits.

12 lbs. of bacon ends and pieces, cut into pieces no larger than 1 inch, yielded 19 half pints of bacon bits.  The yield is less than other meats due to shrinkage when I fry it up before canning.  There might have been a little more, but it's bacon and the temptation to sample as I worked was just too great.

They jury is still out on the 28 lbs. of carrots.  They are all diced and waiting to be blanched before being dehydrated.  All I know for sure is that I will have 28 lbs. of carrots that, when dry, will likely fit into a one gallon freezer bag.

And now I'm going to take a nap.


  1. Busy Busy Lady!! Congrats on that hard work

  2. Thanks, Mary...It's more a question of being Wanted to get as much chicken canned as I could before prices go up.

  3. I've got three pails of dehydrated carrots in one of the store rooms. I ordered them because I placed a big order with Walton Feeds, based on the Mormon food planning program. But I have no idea how to use them. I need something based on carrots that doesn't just consist of carrots in butter. Any ideas?

  4. Harry...I make a lot of soup. Usually with a pint of my home canned meat, broth - either my home canned or water and bouillon - and whatever dehydrated vegetables sound good at the time. Always carrots. Mostly in the crock pot. I'll eat off that for a couple of days and then thicken it to make a gravy and have it over biscuits or rice or noodles.

    I have never rehydrated carrots for a meal vegetable. My canned carrots are used for that. Some vegetables rehydrate better than others and for that reason I have never tried using the dehydrated for a meal. Suppose I should.

    Some will put the dry carrots or other vegetables in one of those little coffee grinder machines and grind them into a powder. They use the powder in a variety of dishes and sauces, both for flavor and for the nutrients. I am looking to buy a little grinder and give it a try. Would probably work well for onion and garlic powder as well.

    I found that I have to put less dry carrots in soup than one would think. I keep forgetting that the volume is reduced a lot. My 28 pounds of fresh carrots, once dehydrated, filled a one gallon freezer bag about 3/4 full.