Sunday, May 3, 2015

Quiet Sunday

Beautiful day with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees.

Working on Granddaughter's photo album for her graduation.  Sometimes the mojo is working - sometimes not.  Today everything seems to be coming together without a lot of aggravation.

Still smiling after a phone call last evening from a friend.  Amazing how the sound of a voice you care about can make a person feel so good.

Conversation with Son is always a good thing.  I wondered if it would bother me having another person here after living alone for so long.  It doesn't.

Afternoon naps are necessary.  Especially when one tends to stay up late at night.

Ordering pizza for supper, which is something we rarely do so it is a treat.

Listening to the sound of raindrops and thunder boomers as a mini storm rolls overhead.  The radar website tells me it will be over in a few minutes.  Maybe a little more rain headed this way overnight.  We need it.

Windows open and a slight breeze entering the apartment.  I will enjoy that now, for before long they will be closed and the air conditioning will be on.  I love the smell of fresh air, even if it is town air.

All in all, a very good day.


  1. "Town air" - yep, it certainly is different than country air, but it DOES usually beat a closed window.

  2. Gorges...The rain usually freshens the air so it is tolerable. It helps that I have a restaurant right behind my building and a bakery half a block away. The wonderful aromas coming from them most times offset anything nasty.

  3. that all sounds really nice. I love it when my kids come home. That's the only time we eat pizza, as its' too far to town for just the wife and I to go to the trouble.

    I'm glad things are so tranquil.

  4. Harry...It was a really nice day. I don't often order out, but once in a great while it is fun to have supper delivered. As far as the tranquility goes, it has taken me a goodly amount of time to achieve it. Took eliminating those whose lives are fueled by drama, from my life. I have learned to say Yes when it is something I want to do, and No, when it isn't. Although these days No is sometimes Can't, physically. Even if my kids aren't all here with me, just knowing they are close is a good thing. I am really enjoying
    Son's company while he is staying with me.

  5. Very little rain here, rained in Buffalo, no hail all moved east.

  6. Rob...We had a couple of good showers and some thunder, but that was all. The line that showed up on radar seemed to split and mostly go north and south of here. No hail here, either. Don't need hail.