Thursday, May 1, 2014

Minneapolis Protest

I guess I'm just too dumb to understand the reasoning behind some political protests.  I understand why people protest, but sometimes the way they go about it makes little sense to me.

For instance:  I was listening to the scanner website this afternoon while attending to a few household chores.  Apparently there is an immigration bill being debated in our federal legislature.  There was a protest staged in downtown Minneapolis concerning this proposed legislation.

The police were scrambling to deal with several buses carrying protesters converging on the downtown area.  Downtown Minneapolis is a traffic hell under the best of conditions.  Then they were dealing with the protesters themselves, who were doing their level best to stop all traffic downtown, right at rush hour.  They had to block off streets and re-route traffic, while trying to keep the protesters under some sort of control.  It made for a nightmare of a mess.

Now I can understand people protesting legislation that they don't agree with.  I believe that folks should be engaged in what is happening that affects their lives.  I will have to confess that I am not up to speed on the current immigration legislation being debated.  There is so much garbage being thrown at the people of the United States these days that keeping abreast of all of it is a full time job.

But I'm willing to bet that those folks who, at 5:00 this afternoon, just wanted to get home to their families, have dinner with their kids, walk the dog or just relax with an adult beverage after a day at the office, but were delayed in a huge traffic snarl caused by several bus loads of people sitting down in the middle of the streets of downtown Minneapolis and thus preventing the working public from going home, are not going to be too sympathetic to the cause of these protesters.

If you want support for your cause from the general public, I'm thinking that there are better ways to do it than to tick off those very people you want to help you.  Just saying......


  1. But Vicki you don't understand, its the liberal way of thinking. You wait until the hard working white collar folks are going home to gum up the works. I for one have way better things to do then waste my time going downtown anyplace to protest something that stupid. Its smarter to write or phone your elected officials. They all have those free Obama Phones anyway. Just use that. Oh wait then the can't call or text for a trip to the mall or arrange that drug buy. Silly me.

  2. Rob...I know you're right! All I have going for me is a certain amount of practicality and a smidgen of common sense. Neither of which is any good when it comes to political issues.

  3. If this country were run the way that it SHOULD be, half of America would be up in arms. Of course we know which half it would be.

  4. Gorges...I'm afraid there is little hope of this country being run the way it should be unless the majority of the population suddenly wakes up.

  5. I think it was a May Day protest. It happened in Seattle too and some people where arrested. they have it every year.

  6. Rob...This protest wasn't mentioned on the WCCO website, but Fox9 has a short article and video. It was a group protesting about immigration. The video shows them holding signs in Spanish and chanting in Spanish. This pretty much verifies what I was hearing on the scanner yesterday. There might have been a May Day thing going on somewhere else, but I was tuned to Hennepin County where this protest was happening.