Saturday, May 17, 2014

I Won!

I am so excited!  M. E. Masterson over at her blog, "Adventures of Life!," just held a giveaway.  The drawing was for a beautiful beaded barrette, handmade by herself.  As a lover of all things handmade, I am thrilled to have won the drawing.  When it arrives, I will take pictures to post here.

If you aren't a regular reader of "Adventures of Life!" you should be.  Many thanks to her for this lovely gift.

Anybody stopping by to see me today will be greeted with my grin, which is sure to last all day!


  1. Wonderful - congratulations :)

    Now, I'm off to visit "Adventures of Life!"...

  2. I had to ask my wife what a berrete was, I thought you meant beret. But now that I am straight on that, congratulations. It's always nice to win something.

  3. Dani...Thanks - luck of the draw! I know you will like the blog - lots of good stuff there.

  4. Harry...See - you learned something today!! The piece she is sending me is beautiful. Made my day.

  5. Gorges...Thank you. I don't ever remember winning anything before, so it was extra fun.