Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rattle, Clunk and Smoke

So I was in Suzy Homemaker mode.  Drug out the vacuum.  Started sucking up the debris on my bedroom carpet.  And I soon smelled smoke.

Oh, crap.  Please don't anybody tell me that there is another fire in my building.  About that time I hear a noise that sounds like somebody is shaking a tin can full of marbles.  I look down and discover the smoke and noise is coming from the business end of my vacuum.

Laid the vac handle down flat on the floor so the smoking part is in the air.  Don't really want to burn a hole in the carpet.  Unplugged the offending machine.  The smoke slowly drifted out the open window.  Took a look at the bottom of the vac and found metal and plastic bits and shavings.  This is not good.

The vacuum belonged to Youngest Daughter before I got it several years ago.  It has had a workout.  It owes me nothing.  Sometimes a piece of equipment just isn't worth fixing.  This is one of those times.

On to the next project.  Grabbed the carpet cleaning machine and headed for the living room.  Wanted to give the carpet a good cleaning before I get busy with other things.  I managed to get about three square feet of carpet cleaned when there was a whine, a clunk, and then the machine just died.  Checked the belt.  OK.  Made sure I hadn't tripped a breaker.  Nope.  Plugged into a different outlet.  Nothing.  Messed with the on-off switch.  It finally came to life, only to clunk two or three more times and die again.

I am a fairly patient person.  Not completely patient, but fairly patient.  But by this time I had had enough.  Wrestled the carpet cleaner down the stairs and tossed it into the dumpster.  Came back in and made the same trip with the vacuum.  Came back inside and called my oldest daughter.  Asked her if she would go to the store, buy a vacuum cleaner and a carpet cleaner and bring them to me.  I knew that the boxes would never fit in my cart.  Trying to carry them on the bus was not an option.  She asked me if I needed them right then or would tomorrow be alright.  Tomorrow would be just fine.

The vacuum cleaner in the box and the carpet cleaner in the box are sitting in my kitchen.  Tomorrow I will put them together.  And vacuum my carpets.  And shampoo my carpets.  I've been working hard to stick to a budget, and it has paid off.  Of course, it helped that I pretty much stayed home all winter.  When you don't go anywhere, you don't spend money.  So I could replace the worn out vac and carpet cleaner without ripping my finances to shreds.

And tonight I will say a prayer, thanking the good Lord for giving me yet another daughter who is willing to come riding in on a white charger to save the day for her mother.


  1. So sorry to hear that both items quit on you, but relieved to hear that the building wasn't on fire.

    Happy cleaning :)

  2. Sounds like my vehicle situation about seven years ago! lol

    As for saving money by staying home, we live in the country and it ends up costing at least $10 every time we leave the driveway.

  3. Life is grand. Thank god for kids who will help. When we hit up Walmart my boys always ask me if I need anything. My reply is always nope. My wife on the other hand is a complete 180 from me. She is always asking the boys to buy this that and everything else.

    You did a great job teaching your kids.

  4. Dani...I knew it was just a matter of time before both would need to be replaced. Just didn't expect they would both die within minutes of each other!! And I'll take a smoking vacuum cleaner over a building fire any old time!!

  5. Gorges...I remember what it was like when I lived 20 miles from the closest town. I only went to town when it was absolutely necessary.

  6. Rob...It was Murphy's Law x2 around here this week! My oldest daughter is really good at finding the best prices, so I actually spent less than I thought I would have to. There have been times when my kids wouldn't let me pay for something they bought for me, but I would much rather pay my own way. I guess it is my stubbornness in wanting to remain as independent as possible.

  7. Wow two in one hour! I think that might be a record.....Glad you were able to afford the replacement and look forward to hearing about the new machines and the fine work they will perform for ya!
    Good Job Momma on teaching your girls how to be Good to their momma.

  8. We have a vacuum cleaner shop in town. Sometimes people take them in for repair and never pick them up. I can buy those cheap. If they work a year and then break, I just repeat the cycle.

  9. Mary...I sometimes believe that Murphy of Murphy's Law fame lives with me!! The vacuum works like a dream - sucks up cat hair like crazy, which is what I wanted. Will give the carpet cleaner a test run in a day or two.
    I didn't realize what a huge difference having food storage makes. By canning and dehydrating and stocking up last summer and fall, I was able to use all of that instead of spending money at the grocery every week over the winter. Never would have been able to save money otherwise.
    I am blessed with four children who are good to their Momma. I don't know as it is because of anything I have done. I think they are just naturally caring people.

  10. Harry...A few years ago there was a shop just a couple of blocks away from where I live, that repaired vacuum cleaners and sewing machines. They sold the ones that people didn't come back for, and I bought a couple of vacs and a sewing machine from them. But they went out of business, and I haven't found another shop like that in the area. I liked it better when there were Mom and Pop shops on every other corner. Now it is all big box stores.

  11. Thanks you for this wonderful post admin.Good job.

  12. You're very lucky to have a daughter who's willing to buy you a new vacuum and carpet cleaners. There is really a certain time when our appliances give up all of a sudden. On the other hand, there is already a replacement to what you have lost. So, enjoy your new vacuum, Vicki! Good day!

    Bo Tolbert @ HJS Supply