Thursday, May 8, 2014


Last evening I knew a storm was approaching even before I checked the weather radar.  My smallest Yorkie, Lily, was in full "something is coming and I don't like it" mode.  She paced the living room.  She kept an eye on the windows.  She pestered me in between pacing and watching.  And as soon as the first flash of lightning and the first roll of thunder occurred, she curled up in her kennel and went to sleep.  Sometimes I think she is more accurate in her predictions of approaching storms than is the weatherman.

Up until recently, Jessie Jane would accompany her partner in crime in her pacing and watching and pestering.  But age seems to have caught up with my Jessie.  I'm not sure of her exact age, but it is around the 13 year mark.  She has adopted a "whatever" attitude and only gets excited when there is a treat in her immediate future.  Last night she stayed in her kennel, which seems to be her favorite place to be now, and watched Lily's frantic pacing from there.  It was kind of like "Fine.  Whatever.  Wake me when it's over."

The storm didn't last very long and produced just a little pea sized hail.  The sun is shining now, but more storms are headed this way in the afternoon and evening hours.  I had thought about making a grocery run today, but think I will wait until tomorrow when the storms will have passed.

My daughter did an excellent job in choosing a vacuum cleaner for me.  I test drove it yesterday.  I thought that my bedroom carpet was pretty clean with the exception of a few little bits and pieces that find their way onto a rug, but when I went over the carpet, the new vac picked up enough cat hair to build a whole new cat.  My living room carpet will be cleaned this afternoon, and if the new carpet scrubber works half as well as the new vac, I will be happy.

I sometimes wonder what it says about my personality that I am content to watch weather predicting dogs and am happy about the performance of a new vacuum cleaner.  Most would probably say that my life is about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Now that warmer weather is here, my windows are open some to let in all that lovely spring air.  The down side is that I can more clearly hear the voices of some of the patrons of the bar next door.  It isn't a rowdy bar - more of a neighborhood place.  But I hear quite often the nearly hysterical laughter of some who seem to have a need to have a good time, no matter what.  And I hear the harsh words of arguments, usually fueled by too much to drink.

I don't drink.  There was a time when I did.  A lot.  It was in my best interest to stop drinking altogether, for I didn't like that person very much.  The one who didn't know when to stop.  That being said, I have no problem with those who enjoy an adult beverage.  Or with those who like to go out on the town.  But in the past year or two, it seems that things have changed.  For the 17 years I have lived here, I have heard those voices, especially on the weekends.  And it seems to me that the voices that once were those of every day folks having a beer or two, laughing and joking and just enjoying an evening out with friends, now are almost frantic in their quest for a good time.  The laughter seems forced.  The fights are a nightly occurrence.  And instead of the friendly banter among friends, I hear a lot of hate and discontent.

I thought perhaps it is because I have gotten old.  But I really don't think it is.  I thought maybe it was because I no longer drink, but that's not it, either.  People have changed.  Or at least, the attitudes of society have changed.  It is almost like people know, deep down inside, that bad things are coming, and they have a need to raise as much hell as possible while they still can.

I hope I'm wrong.


  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head. The problem is that many of the folks living now have been raised with plenty, and have neither the experience or moral upbringing to handles those rough times coming. I never drank much in the first place, but drink none now, for financial reasons. I DID plant three grape plants last year, with an eye on eventually making a little wine for a nightcap.

  2. Gorges...You are right. In years past, the voices from bar patrons never bothered me. They were for the most part, friendly, funny and sometimes just plain silly. But lately the people seem frantic, argumentative and in some cases, just plain mean. Not too long ago I watched a woman beat the daylights out of another until the police hauled them both away. I don't go out after dark any more unless someone is with me.

    I had a cousin who made homemade wine. It was wonderful stuff. Good luck with your grapes!

  3. We too had pea sized hail around 1010 pm. As I write this we are getting heavy rain. We pick up our supplies today. I will write a post tomorrow about it. stay safe.

  4. Rob...Nothing here as yet, but radar shows a storm cell headed this way. Expect Lily to start pacing any minute!
    I'm so glad for you that you can order supplies from where your boys work! Looking forward to your post about it. Take care.

  5. Your dogs are like my ferrets, they can tell when bad weather is in the offing.

    Somebody said once that "most men lead lives of quiet desperation." I think these days, it's past that point and the stress is high on everybody. That may be why the bar is so frenetic, compared to the past.

    If you can be happy with simple things, you are a fortunate soul. People who can't can never acquire enough, do enough, matter enough to be happy.

  6. Harry...Your ferrets head for their hidey hole when storms approach, and my Lily fusses until the storm arrives, and it is like her job is done, she warned me and now she can settle down to nap. Funny how they know.

    I think you are right about being past the point of quiet desperation. I have to believe that even those who refuse to acknowledge that we in America are in trouble, can still feel that stress. Some of us respond to the stress by continuing to prepare for whatever comes, and others seem to run around like the chicken with the head cut off - with no real purpose at all.

    I am much happier when living a simple life. I don't care one whit about keeping up with the neighbors. I don't want a big screen TV. My couch is one that was given to me and is ratty, but covered with a pretty quilt that was a gift from a friend. I like it and that's all that matters. You are right. Those who have to have the best of everything are never happy because it is never enough. I think I will keep my lifestyle. I'd rather be content with what I have. And I'll never develop ulcers from worrying that somebody else has something better than what I have!