Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Today I am sidelined.  Arthritis has decided to take up residence in my hip.  So I am taking things slow and easy and with any kind of luck, tomorrow will be a better day.

In between taking care of the necessaries - washing dishes, getting a crock pot meal going for supper, sweeping the kitchen floor - I am working on Granddaughter's afghan, which seems to have taken on a life of it's own!  But I think the end may be in sight.  It is a lot bigger than planned, but that's OK.  Just taking more time to complete than I thought.

So as a diversion from the boring aspect of sewing together all of these little granny squares, I flipped on the police scanner for Minneapolis.  I am always astounded at the things people will do in order to gain the attention of the police.  The following are the dispatcher's calls from between noon and 2 PM.

  • Two black males breaking into a patio door using a crowbar.
  • One black male in the center of an intersection, suspected to be high on drugs, trying to take his clothes off.
  • Welfare check on a person who is likely on crack.
  • Report of three small children sitting on the front steps of a home.  Parents are inside and won't let the kids in.  (temp is 46 degrees)
  • One white male picked a fight with a construction worker.
  • Group of five individuals shoplifting at a major department store.
  • Unidentified person driving off without paying for gas.  License plate numbers don't match the car.
  • Intoxicated black male harassing shoppers trying to enter or leave WalMart.
  • Black male stopped for careless driving.  Identification comes back to person wanted in Illinois for forgery.  Known to be armed and dangerous.
  • White male wearing a trench coat (I'm not making this up!) reported for public urination and indecent exposure (on a busy street corner).
  • Female juvenile detained at a store for shoplifting.
  • Two male bus passengers, harassing and threatening other passengers.
  • Out of control 14 year old female - breaking furniture, destroying objects in her home.
  • Two black males, both wearing black hoodies, seen breaking into a house.  One is carrying a bag.  Caught trying to escape in a waiting van.

These calls didn't include the usual traffic stops or calls about domestic abuse.  Neither did they include fire calls or those involving medical issues.  These were just the ones that caught my attention.

I guess there really is no cure for stupid.


  1. I'm starting to find my hips are easily strained and can hurt enough where walking is painful.

    I guess that's part of life; the human machine wears out.

    May your evening be pleasant and you find moments of peace.

  2. Jess...Thanks for your kind wishes. You are right - eventually we simply wear out. I'm not very good at this growing old gracefully thing. I'm more apt to fight it - not the years, for they don't bother me one iota, but the restrictions, that do. But I do have sense enough to know when to back off and let some healing happen. Not easy for me! I think you understand.

  3. Our calls here usually go like this.

    207, dispatch.

    207, go ahead

    Merthesons cows are out on XXXX road again.


    That's the excitement on a normal call here. But sometimes, especially when the tourists are here, it can be more interesting.

    I have arthritis in my wrists, and it makes the simplest things hard. I have to be careful my dogs don't jump up and "jam" my wrist. I sympathize.

  4. Harry...No point in listening to police calls for entertainment in your neck of the woods, is there (grin). Here in my little suburb, things stay pretty quiet - they were trying to herd horses off the highway last week. It only gets interesting when stormy weather approaches and the storm spotters are reporting in. But Minneapolis is a whole other ball game. I thank my lucky stars that I don't live there!

    Living with arthritis isn't much fun, is it! I have mostly good days, a few not so good days, and once in a great while a really crappy day or two. But this flare-up will pass, and things will be back to normal soon. I consider myself lucky that I can still get around and do what I need to do. Just takes a bit longer.