Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Sheltered Life

I have taken to listening to the police and fire scanner for a little while in the evenings while I sit and do needlework.  Monday evening was pretty quiet in my town, so I switched to the channel covering Minneapolis in Hennepin County.  That's when I decided that I must lead a pretty sheltered life.

Within the first hour there were transmissions concerning a group of teen/young adult males roaming the streets, apparently looking for trouble.

There was another group of five older teen girls who had frightened some theatre-goers by waving a gun around, threatening people.

There was an apparent suicide in one hotel room and a murder in another.

There were several arrests on outstanding warrants and the usual traffic tickets.

There are skyways either two or three stories up from ground level that connect some buildings downtown, to make it easier for people to get from one place to another in the winter.  There was a fellow who was happily urinating here, there and everywhere in the skyway.  He was hauled to the nearest hospital for evaluation.

There were several calls, in that hour's time, for assaults and complaints about drunks.

But the last one I heard before I found some soothing music to listen to, took the cake.  A woman called from a bus stop in downtown Minneapolis.  She called 911 because she had a cockroach stuck in her ear.

My sheltered life - its looking pretty darned good to me.


  1. Ain't that the truth. Sheltered indeed. In a more polite society it's called sanity.

  2. Jess...I know that there are good people living in the city. But I still hate having to go there. Seems like the good ones are becoming fewer and fewer and the bad ones more commonplace.

  3. Police scanners are such great entertainment.. we listen to one up at the Carolina estate all the time...

  4. Where's a guy to pee in your ear when you need one.

  5. JUGM.....It's usually pretty quiet here during the week, unless another ice and snow storm is happening. Then it is a pretty good gauge as to how bad it is by the number of cars that slide off the roads! Today I found myself cheering when they found a little 4-year old girl who had wandered off. Sort of scares me, listening to what goes on in Minneapolis, though. Glad I live away from the city.

  6. Stephen.....Too late. They had already hauled him off to have his mental capacities evaluated. And I think I'm happier if I don't know how one gets a cockroach stuck in one's ear!

  7. When you hear this stuff, your glad you live in the country.

  8. Yes, Gorges, it is. You just can't make this stuff up!

  9. Rob...While my town has its share of looney tunes, its nothing compared to the city. I am really happy that I have no reason to go there!