Monday, March 17, 2014


Scalloped potatoes and ham made with potatoes and onions I dehydrated two years ago and ham I canned about the same time.  Cornbread made with ground sweet corn dehydrated three years ago.  Farmer's Market real honey.  Peach cobbler made with home canned peaches.

Let it snow.  I am prepared.


  1. We had that yesterday. Only not like yours. I am hearing 6 to 12" out here.

  2. Rob...I use my dehydrated stuff because I am cooking for one. A bag of potatoes or onions is apt to go bad before I can eat it all.
    I'm hearing about the same here. Mother Nature is Evil.

  3. Dern, that sounds good to this country boy!

  4. Gorges.....It was good! The only good thing I can say about cooking for one person is that if something turns out to be good, I have leftovers!