Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dance Like Nobody's Watching

Yesterday will go down in the record books as a really fun day.

Youngest son called me Friday, wanting to know if I would like him to pick me up so I could watch his daughters dance in their first competition of the year on Saturday afternoon.  Is he kidding?  Of course I would love to watch my granddaughters dance.  So I did.

Boston, the older of the two, has done solo dances before.  Her sister, Maddie Mae has not, so this was the very first time she has appeared on stage alone.

Boston's dance was entitled "One Girl Revolution" and Maddie's was "Rock Star."  Their costumes reflected the theme of their music.

I am absolutely amazed at what these girls can do.  There are dance steps and acrobatics and attitude involved, and they both nailed it.  And both went home with a trophy to add to their collection.

This dance thing is a family affair.  Mom is backstage helping with costumes and hairdos and stage makeup.  Dad and little brother are in the audience, cheering them on.  The grandparent contingent consisted of two grandmas and a grandpa, all having such fun watching and cheering.  Most times the competitions are too far away for me to be able to attend, but this time it was close enough to home to make it possible.  Thank you, my family, for giving me such a fun day.

And Boston and done good!  I am proud of both of you.

Love, Grandma


  1. It's fortunate you folks can do things as an extended family. I live in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My brothers, sister and mother are all based on the West Coast. My two kids have spent virtually no time with their California grandma or their aunt, uncles and cousins. It's just too far away.

  2. Harry.....I am really lucky to be able to spend time with family. My kids all live fairly close by so we are able to get together now and then. The older I get, it seems the more important it is for me to be close to family. I moved back here from a warmer climate for that very reason 17 years ago. I complain about the weather, but truth be known, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

  3. Good job. Both of my daughters did dance. My youngest is still in dance. They don't compete during the school year, but many of the students have gone on to county fairs, and have competed at the State Fair.

    When we moved back from Fla., my daughter went back to her old dance teacher. She was welcomed with open arms.

    They are trying get get my 3 month old grandson recruited to dance when he is around 5. My oldest son (uncle) says dance is ok, as long as Sammy dances in the end zone for football. I just roll my eyes at the whole issue.

  4. Rob...The dance studio enters the girls in several competitions each season. Yesterday Boston and Maddie had their solos for this competition and today they have several dances with the team. I think they really have to love it to continue on with all of the practices and lessons. You know how much work is involved, for both kids and parents. I'm pretty sure that if their school grades suffered, Mom and Dad would pull the plug. I have the best roll as Grandma for I just get to enjoy watching them dance.

  5. I'm glad you could make it. They'll always remember your support.

  6. Gorges.....I think the best part was when they came running up to me and said, "Grandma, we're so glad you're here."

  7. They sure are cute little girls. Congrats.

  8. Aw..thank you, Stephen. They are my joy.

  9. It was good to see you Vicki! So glad you were able to come, the girls were so happy you were able to see them dance in person!


  10. Staci...It was exciting for me to be able to see them dance. And so much fun! You and my son have awesome daughters. And Jacob is pretty cool, too! Thanks for giving me a day to remember.