Sunday, March 9, 2014

Surprise, Surprise

When I arrived home late Saturday afternoon from watching my granddaughters dance, there was a surprise waiting for me.

I am not a big fan of surprises.  It has been my experience that my surprises more often than not involve a puking cat or a poopy dog.  Or a kitchen faucet that has sprung a leak.  Or a toilet that won't flush.  Something like that.

But this time it was none of the above.  This time it was a really good surprise.

In my absence, Oldest Son had paid a visit to my apartment.  My kitchen contained four 25-pound bags of flour and two 25-pound bags of sugar.  Plus he had saved me a couple of trips up and down the stairs by hauling my trash out to the dumpster.  When I talked to him later, he said that he needed to make more than one trip up with the bags of flour and sugar, so he figured he might just as well take out the trash on the downward trip.

So this morning I emptied the bags into buckets.  One each of sugar and flour stay in my kitchen for my daily use and the rest is squirreled away in my pantry.

I am so fortunate to have kids who do really neat stuff for me.  So thank you, Duane.  It is greatly appreciated!

Love, Mom


  1. It's good to increase your supply of staples. That was nice of your son.

  2. Harry...I'm starting to replace what I used over the winter. The goal is to have a years worth of food storage. It is a huge help to me when my son brings me the heavier items that are hard for me to haul up the stairs.

    Dani...Yes, it was a really nice surprise. I'm such a lucky Mom.

    Gorges...I am truly blessed to have kids who ready, willing and able to lend a hand. Makes my life so much easier.

  3. Mom,You are very welcome. Duane

  4. Son, that was the kind of surprise that makes my day!

  5. That works out just great for you.

  6. Rob...You're right. It is a huge help to me when he brings me bulk items like that. That much less I have to haul up the stairs and fewer hours spent on a bus!