Friday, March 28, 2014

Sometimes No News is Good News

I think I need to stay away from news reports for a little while.  Both mainstream, although I pay little attention to it anyway, and the alternative news sources I read daily.  I think my brain is on overload.  And about to explode.

The Democrats are sniping at the Republicans and the Republicans are taking pot shots at the Democrats.  Neither one is doing anything constructive.  But they are blowing enough hot air to bring on real global warming.

There are Congressional Investigative Committees questioning various and assorted witnesses about many of the latest scandals.  The Congressmen thump their chests, pound their desks and make speeches designed to make the public think they actually care.  After which they stand in front of the news reporters and pontificate, throw stones at the other political party and express outrage.  But nothing changes.  Next week most people, whose attention span is similar to that of a gnat, will have forgotten all about that particular scandal and will be more interested in their favorite TV sitcom character or sports team than they are in the fact that everything they say or do is now recorded and stored.  To keep them safe.

The king of America who lives in the White House continues to thumb his nose at the Constitution.  The pundits continue to offer up their opinions on panel discussions.  And promote their latest book.  Nobody dares call the President out on his lawlessness for fear of being labeled racist.  Or audited.  And nothing changes.

Although once in a great while there is a glimmer of hope, as in the state of Georgia, where legislation was passed that contains pro-gun reforms.  But then there is my state of Minnesota, who is working to pass legislation to take guns away from those involved in domestic abuse.  Those promoting this bill say that abusers "don't deserve to own a gun."  Now, I have no sympathy for abusers of any kind.  But my question is this:  Who will be the next group who "don't deserve" gun ownership?  Will it be the bloggers who write articles that question this country's leadership?  Will it be the veterans who, while in service of their country have seen things that now give them nightmares?  Will it be the person who has been under a doctor's care for depression?  Who is next?

And then there is the Obamacare train wreck.  And don't forget the Russians who are busy rattling their sabers.

I think I will, for a while, confine my reading to the blogs listed on the right.  Even though many of those folks address issues concerning the horrors going on around us and the major loss of our freedoms, they also provide helpful information on how we can survive this mess.  Some have offered good advice on various problems that have come up in my life.  Others show me tasty foods and how to prepare them.  Some take me on wonderful trips down memory lane or show me the beauty of nature in their corner of the world.  And still others just make me laugh.

Yep.  I think that is the game plan for a while.  I will never bury my head in the sand, for I do need to be aware of what's coming at us.  And I will never be like so many who blithely skip through life, pretending that everything is just fine and of course, nothing bad could ever happen here.  But sometimes I just need to back off for a time.  Before I become totally overwhelmed.  And completely frustrated with government insanity.  Or at least until my head is no longer in danger of blowing up.


  1. Oh its nice to see a fellow Minnesotan who is on the same page as I. I watch the local news just for the weather. Some of the NBC Nightly News, and Fox News Network. When the media gets into the repeat mod I move on for awhile.

    At first I was reading many, many blogs a day. I cut back and cut down to just a small group. You will see Bloggers In Trust. They are the ones I read daily. I have others that I read now and then. I am thinking of cutting them out all together.

    The storm here was a bust more rain the snow. Have a safe weekend.

  2. Rob.....I know that we as a nation are in deep trouble. But sometimes, for the sake of my own sanity, I need to back away from the gloom and doom for a bit. I enjoy the blogs listed in my side bar as well as a few others. But I have cut back as well, because I find myself spending way too much time at my computer if I don't. Anyway, this is my weekend to ignore the world and concentrate on smelling the roses!

    The only thing the storm brought here was an arthritis flare-up! I really hope that Spring has finally sprung.

  3. Sometimes it all just gets to be too much. I know how you feel. I'm torn between missing something that might impact on me personally, and being repulsed by the very issues you address. I try to keep up with things, more for the sake of my kids than myself now. It take a toll on you.

  4. I used to be a republican, until I realized that their leaders are exactly like the democrat leaders and the democrat leaders are exactly like communists.

  5. Harry.....For the most part, I can deal with bad things if I have the facts. But once in a while I just have to unplug from it all, take a deep breath and relax a bit before continuing on. I think it is because there is so much going on - it seems to come at us from all sides, particularly the trashing of the Constitution and the assault on our rights. Taking a couple of days to recharge seems to help. At least, it helps keep me as sane as I ever will be!

  6. Gorges...Good point. I really don't think it matters which party it is. They all seem to care only about what benefits them personally/financially and winning the next election.

  7. I too duck out of sight...sometimes for weeks. Then I expose myself and write. I sometimes believe I'm an idiot for writing a blog...all the exposure to those critters in government can't be good and yet here I am. News, blah...

  8. Stephen.....Usually I drop out of sight if my frustration level hits critical mass or if I find myself with nothing to say. But I refuse to hide because of fear. I am way too old to worry that some elected government official who doesn't have the sense that God gave a goose, is going to get his panties in a twist over my little blog. You are not an idiot for writing a blog. If people like you and the others that I read every day don't continue to tell the truth, who will?

  9. Well, you don't need to worry. We'll warn you if the zombies accumulate.

  10. Thanks, Jess.....I knew I could count on you!