Monday, February 10, 2014

A Glimmer of Hope

About the time I am beginning to believe that there is no hope for a good future, something happens to make the light at the end of the tunnel a bit brighter.

Yesterday afternoon I was snoozing in my recliner.  I do that now and then.  It is warm.  It is comfy.  The cat is happy because she gets a bit of attention when she joins me.  Anyway, my snooze was interrupted when my phone rang.  It was a good interruption.

My 11 year old granddaughter called.  She wanted me to guess what she was doing.  Turns out she was eating a fresh-from-the-oven bun that her Dad had made.  While Mom and the girls were off at a show for the girls' dance team, my son tried my recipe for homemade buns.  Boston said they were "sooooo good!"  She handed the phone to her sister.  Maddie was all excited that they could have homemade buns whenever they wanted to.

First attempt at making buns.

A couple of hours later the girls called me again.  Now they were eating a slice of warm bread from the loaf they just made.  Both told me that they were going to take their lunches to school the next day and they were all excited about sandwiches made using the homemade bread.

I know that I have been on a homemade bread kick here lately.  But it is more than just the bread.  It is the fact that the kids get excited about something other than cell phone apps and video games.  They are enjoying learning something new.  They get pleasure from eating something they made with their own two hands.  And that gives me a glimmer of hope.

While talking to Maddie, I told her that my recipe for buns could be used to make cinnamon rolls, too.  She said, "Really, Grandma?  Wow!  I'm gonna go tell Dad........."


  1. On my way to make some fresh baked buns, I discovered that my fridge was raided by the milk bandit. So today while I am at the store I will have to pick up more. Milk never lasts long here.

    My wife was giving me a bad time about making bread. What does she do?? but make some up from a recipe she found online. (Not Yours) It was OK.

    I'm glad the kids like cooking a very good thing to know. Fresh baked bread with sweet cream butter..Oh My...

  2. How sweet and emancipated of your son to make bread :)

    Love it!

  3. Rob...I remember what it was like, keeping my family supplied with milk. I finally got a cow, and even then it was tough to keep up. But the fresh cream and butter was wonderful!

    It tickles me that my grandkids are having so much fun with the bread thing. My sons are both excellent cooks, both having at one time or another cooked in restaurants before going on to their present jobs. So it isn't a stretch for youngest son to pass those skills on to his kids. It is even more fun when the kids call Grandma to tell me all about it! Good luck in your bread making. It is totally worth the effort.

  4. Dani...I don't know if it is emancipation or not. My son likes to cook and his wife, not so much. Each has skills that they like and are good at, and it sort of all works out for them. The fact that they involve the kids is the part that I like. The kids are really having a good time with the bread baking thing!

  5. Excellent. I too have a granddaughter named Maddie. Our little one spells her name Madi. One of these day I will try and bake bread. Promise. Thanks, Vicki.

  6. Stephen...I think I am about done with the bread posts, for a while, anyway. I just got such a kick out of the phone calls yesterday. Those two granddaughters, Boston and Maddie, are a hoot. They are so sincerely excited about things like their garden and baking bread and canning salsa with their Dad. I am so thankful that their parents are taking the time and effort to teach them by working with them, so they can learn by doing.

    You gotta try the bread. Since I started making my own, store bought just doesn't taste good any more!

  7. Those look so good, I want to jump through the screen and slather one with butter...
    I love me some fresh homemade bread.

  8. JUGM...I thought he did pretty well for his first batch of homemade buns. The kids sure were having fun with it! And Grandma here was having so much fun with the phone calls, that I didn't pay attention to the fact that I was nearly out of bread! Four loaves are now rising and I'm getting ready to start the dough for buns. I'll think about you when they come out of the oven!!

  9. It was fun hearing them call you and share in their excitement of having fresh baked breads to eat.
    After they were off the phone, I told them that these recipes had been passed down from your grandma, to your mom, to me and now to them. They were pretty proud to have kept the tradition going.

    Thank you.


  10. David, the girls' phone calls made my entire week! I'm so happy that they are learning and having such fun with it. The fact that they are proud to continue family traditions is a bonus. I hope you realize just how proud I am of the way you and Staci are raising my grandkids.

    I told Maddie about making cinnamon buns. Get ready. She probably is going to want to do that next!

    Love, Mom