Sunday, February 23, 2014

What Goes Around...

My youngest son, the father of my youngest three grandchildren, posted the following on Facebook:  "I've just realized that "Not Me" just moved into our home."

I don't suppose this would be the time to remind him of the fact that at one time or another there were some of the same living in our home.

"Not Me" was a regular guest, and moved in on a permanent basis for a number of years.

"I Don't Know" showed up uninvited and never left.

"It's All Her Fault" was a frequent visitor when "Not Me" refused to take the blame.

"It's Not My Turn" was always there when it was time to wash the supper dishes.

His only saving grace is that when his kids grow up and leave home, the unwanted guests leave at the same time, never to be seen again.

Until his children have children of their own.  That's when he can wait for "Not Me" to show up and drive his children up a wall.  And he can sit back and smile.  And remind them that "Not Me" and company once lived with him and it is now their turn.

heh, heh, heh


  1. Your children having grandchildren equals revenge, Just think about it. It pay back time. LOL. Big Grin

  2. Gorges...Yes it does. And it is universal. :)

  3. Mary....Yeah, me too, when I read his FB post!

  4. Rob.....I always told my son I hoped he would grow up and have children who were just like him. Darned if he didn't do just that. Good thing he wasn't a bad kid.....just really creative!

  5. Stephen.....He and his wife are pretty darned good parents. They will make it through raising their kids, even with "Not Me" living in their house.

  6. My kids were always good about helping. When they were very little though, my daughter would draws bats, cats and horses on my wall maps. Then she would insist her brother did it, although he was too small to reach them even with a chair.

  7. Harry.....Kids are so funny. Catch them with their hand in the cookie jar and they swear they didn't take a cookie. Lucky for us as parents, they outgrow this trait in time and become really good people. Those who don't become politicians.