Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What is it With Dogs?

Sometimes I think I have my two ankle biters figured out, and then I realize that I am clueless.

When the temperatures drop, they get up in the morning long enough to pester me for a treat and then head for their beds to snooze away most of the day. Today the outside temps are well above zero.  Not only are they doing an unusual amount of begging, they are cruising the apartment, hauling toys around, sniffing at the cat litter box ("Stop that, Jessie Jane.  Those aren't treats in there and besides, I just cleaned it last night!") and literally dogging my footsteps.

It isn't that they need to go outside.  I litter box trained them because of the difficulty I have with stairs sometimes.  In warm weather,  Jessie Jane and I go for walks.  Lilly and I go for a carry.  She refuses to walk on a leash, no matter what I do.  Stubborn Yorkies!  But they don't go outdoors in winter.

Keeping in mind that the heating system in my building is working again and it stays an even 70 degrees inside, how do they know?  This has been a pattern with them - sleep when it is icy cold outside and energize when it warms up some.

I suspect that they are probably smarter than I am.  In sub-zero weather, they hibernate.  In sub-zero weather, I leave a warm bed and it is business as usual.

Maybe I need to start thinking more like my dogs!


  1. Stephen...They eat, sleep and play. Not a bad gig.

  2. Air smells different at different temperatures. I think dogs know this, and the effect is much more profound, since they have such a keen sense of smell.

  3. Jess...I think you're right. I can usually tell of a storm is approaching if I pay attention to their behavior. They become restless and pace until the storm arrives. Then they settle and ignore it.