Friday, February 28, 2014


I'm all for cooking from scratch, eating relatively healthy, and making various foods at home as opposed to buying the same product that is full of ingredients I can't pronounce.

But sometimes.....

it is necessary to my happiness and well-being to call the pizza delivery guy.

Mine was bacon-cheeseburger.  Worth every penny.


  1. Pizza is my favorite, hot, cold, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack.

    On another note the new cub foods ad is out for next week. just an FYI.

  2. I too cheated tonight. Since my wife is out of town I grabbed a box of chicken fingers. Felt guilty but ate every last single morsel, and it was good. The congregation said, Amen.

  3. Rob...Me, too. I've never been known to turn down pizza! My Cub ad will be in tomorrow's mail. Looks like it might warm up a bit next week so getting out to the store won't be quite so miserable!

  4. Stephen.....Every once in a while I ask myself, "Do I really want to cook supper tonight?" And tonight the answer was, "Nope." I'm afraid that I didn't feel the least bit guilty.

    1. Couldn't agree with you more, Vicki.

      As much as I love cooking, there are times that I am so weary of thinking WHAT to blooming cook...

  5. Dani.....There are people who plan their meals a month at a time. I'm not one of them. Sometimes I cook because I enjoy it and sometimes I toss something together because the body needs fuel. And sometimes I order out just for the fun of it!!

  6. We get frozen pizza then my wife puts good things on them like extra cheese. No pizza delivery out here,alas.

  7. Harry.....I've seen the pictures you have posted of the area where you and your wife live. I believe I would gladly give up my pizza delivery for the peace and quiet and beauty that surrounds you.

  8. I rarely eat out; even when I'm working out of town. The small microwave and refrigerator allow me to cook many things.

    Last night, I decided to splurge and go for a hamburger. Since I never tried the local Car's, I gave it a try.

    I was disappointed. The service was slow, the burger was so-so, the fries were low on taste and I spent almost $7 for the meal.

    Next time, I'll go get some frozen pizza, doctor it up and enjoy my meal.

  9. Jess.....It is a rare occasion for me to go out for a meal, or to order in, for that matter. I find that because I am so used to my own cooking at home, restaurant food just doesn't taste that good to me any more. The only exception is the little mom and pop restaurant in my neighborhood, that has been in business for at least 50 years. I know when I go there for a meal, it will be good. Other than that, I find that I, too, am usually disappointed in the food at other restaurants, and I just can't justify paying that much money for one meal.