Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Knee Deep in Yarn

So yesterday afternoon my youngest daughter came by and picked me up.  I needed to go to Joann Fabrics.  The store used to be on my bus route, but when they moved to newer and larger store space, I found I couldn't get there from here by my usual mode of transportation.  So Daughter came riding in on her white steed - the one that looks like a silver Chevy - to save the day.

Each of my grandchildren, upon graduating from high school, gets a crocheted afghan.  When I was trying to decide what to get my oldest grandson when he graduated a couple of years ago, this same daughter suggested that the grandkids would like something that their grandmother made special for each of them.  Because I had already made quilts for them a couple of years ago, we decided on afghans.

I ran out of yarn half way through the one I am making for the next kid in line, so I needed to get enough to finish it.  I had started one for myself and ran out of yarn for that one, too.  Guess I need to work on figuring out yardage.  As long as I was buying yarn for those two, I decided to get what I needed for the third grandchild's afghan, even though it will be a while before he graduates.  The way the economy looks, I may not be able to afford yarn in a couple of years!  And I like to have something to work on in the evenings.

This is only about half of it, and I'm thinking that it should keep me busy and out of trouble for quite some time.  Although at this stage of my life, getting into trouble seems like more work than it is worth!  Guess I'll just stick to making stuff for the grandkids.  That makes me happy.


  1. I have so many memories of my late mother's needles clacking and ticking hours upon end. Sadly, I haven't a single piece of her work in my home. You've quite the eye for color. Take care.

  2. What a wonderful idea. My Grandma, dad's mom, loved to do all of that.

    They are saying we should get snow tomorrow. They can't pin it down. Some say 2" and others say 7". Heavy wet snow. I think you will stay busy the next few days knitting.

  3. Stephen.....My mother taught me all sorts of needlework arts, for it was something she truly loved. Sadly, she was forced to set it all aside when her hands became too crippled with arthritis. Like you, I have nothing that she made, but I do have a treasure of wonderful memories. And I have many, many peaceful hours thanks to her teaching abilities and patience.

  4. Rob.....Neither of my grandmothers did anything like this beyond practical sewing. Mother loved to make things pretty. It gives me pleasure to make things for my grandkids, and because they are all "blanket babys" in that they love to snuggle down in a quilt or afghan, it was the logical choice.

    I have heard the nasty rumors about more snow. Will make a grocery run later today, and then sit and crochet and watch the world go by!!

  5. Looks like 6" to 9" for us out here. Stay safe my friend.

  6. Rob.....You and yours stay safe as well. Scott County is just north of the line for blizzard conditions and just west of the predicted heaviest snowfall. So it is anybody's guess what will happen. Me, I'm keeping this chubby granny backside inside where it is cozy warm until it quits snowing and warms up again!!