Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shorts Weather?

It is nearly noon.  The outside temperature sits at 35 degrees.  That is in the plus column.  That is warm for Minnesota in February.  But it is not "summer warm."

A few minutes ago I glanced out my front window.  Saw a guy walking down the street wearing a parka and shorts.

Here in Minnesota I guess we are either hard working, responsible people, or we are bat-crap crazy.  I think I just saw a prime example of the latter.  The only thing missing were the flip-flops.

Like I have said before, it takes very little to amuse me.


  1. Just glanced out the window, 71 with bright sunny skies. Dude just walked past wearing a hoody sweatshirt, all bundle against the cold. Yep, we have our share of weird....

  2. Stephen.....You're right. Weird and crazy know no borders. I'm not so sure that going through life completely sane is such a good idea, either.

  3. I was out and about taking my boys to their drug test for their new jobs. I didn't wear a coat just a sweatshirt.
    If it says above 40 too long alot more folks will wear shorts. After -35 below temps and wind chills it is summer.

  4. Rob.....I was out and about today, too, wearing a sweatshirt instead of a coat. It was beautiful! Trying to get my running around done before it turns cold again.

    Good for your boys in finding jobs. Not the easiest thing to do these days.