Thursday, February 13, 2014

Cutting Hair

I was reading some of my favorite blogs the other day, when I noticed Rob of Rob in His Bunker had written about home haircuts.  I was reminded of the one and only time I gave my boys haircuts.  At the time we lived about 20 miles from the closest town.  When you are pinching pennies, you don't drive a 40 mile round trip just for a haircut.  And in the winter, it was a toss up as to whether the road past our house would be drifted in or not.  So home haircuts seemed like a good idea.

My mother cut my hair the whole time I was growing up.  She cut my sister's hair.  She cut my aunt's hair.  She cut the neighbor's hair.  She didn't have a clipper.  She used a scissors.  How hard can it be, I thought.

So I set my boys on chairs out in the yard.  Tied those big white flour sack dishtowels around their necks to keep hair clippings from falling down inside their shirts.  And I proceeded to cut.

Well, that didn't look quite right, so I cut some more.

That side was just a tiny bit longer than the other side, so I cut some more.

Maybe if I take a little more off the back it will be OK.

When I finally admitted defeat, both boys looked like a weed whacker had been at their heads.

I loaded them into the car, drove the 40 mile round trip and got them professional haircuts.

It was worth every penny.


  1. Stephen.....He made me promise that I would never, ever get close to my boys with a pair of scissors again. Ever.

  2. My mom cut our hair at home too. Of course she was a trained professional hair dresser. She was old school she went to the beauty school that my great aunt was an instructor, back in the 60's.

    Thanks for the blog plug.

  3. Rob...My Mom had no training in hair cutting. Was a natural talent, I guess. That talent skipped me, but one of my granddaughters is studying to be a hairdresser, along with her high school studies, so when she graduates from high school, she will have all she needs to work in a beauty shop. Now if I can get her to come over and cut my hair....!

  4. My mom threw in the towel on doing hair,too many folks doing it. a dime a dozen she told me. At one point she held license in MN & CA at the same time. She had the chance to learn and work Hollywood make up and passed on it.

  5. Rob...She must have been really talented to have been offered a job like that! Me...I leave it to the professionals. I know my limitations, and admire those with the talent.

  6. I guess I should be happy that I don't remember that incident. Duane

  7. Yes, Son...It is a good thing. It might otherwise have traumatized you for life!!!