Monday, February 17, 2014

Storm of the Century

I wonder if weather forecasters, when they go to weather forecasting school, are required to take a class called Storm of the Century 101.  I think that's where they learn to make each approaching weather system sound like it brings with it the end of the world.

I have decided that my dogs are pretty good weather forecasters.  Before the snow started, they were restless.  They paced.  They went to their beds but sat up in them, alert.  They came to me for attention.  They sat in the middle of the living room floor, facing the windows and watched.  I knew from past experience that they wouldn't settle down until the storm arrived.  And if I went ahead to bed, Lily would take it upon herself to keep me, and the whole building, apprised of the progress of the storm.  With barks.  Lots of them.   So I found an old movie, did some hand sewing on my quilt, and waited with them.

Close to 1 AM they both went to bed for the night.  I looked out the window.  Snow was falling.  The wind was blowing.  The storm had arrived and all was well in their world.

This morning it is still snowing.  The wind is still blowing, but not as strong as last night.  According to the Doppler Radar website, it looks like the storm will move on in another few hours, followed by sunshine.  The police scanner is fairly quiet.  My kids went to work early to beat the traffic, and reported no problems with the roads.  Oldest son, who lives SW of me, says the roads are bad in his area, but he made it home OK after his night job.  I heard a rumor that temps are supposed to be in the low 40's tomorrow.  I like it.


  1. You luck lady. Big pot of stew couples well with snow storms and wind. Home today with the wife...think I'll putter around the garage and try and forget this headache. Or, curl into a corner next to the shovels and rakes and sleep. I can snooze anywhere..kinda like a dog in that regard.

  2. Stephen...I think biscuits with the stew is just the thing. As far as sleep goes, just give me a movie and I am out in about 15 minutes. Found myself snoozing in the chair last evening while waiting for the storm.

    I'm just going to putter about today, myself. Hope you get to feeling better soon, my friend. Headaches can be a bear.

  3. Stew sounds good, and home made rolls fresh from the oven. Snow here is around 6" maybe more. MN DOT is out keeping the roads clear. School is 2 hrs late this am

  4. Rob.....I am not sure how much snow we got here, as the wind blew it about so much. They have started clearing the streets. Rolls fresh from the oven sound wonderful!

  5. A beautiful day here in NW Texas! After having some bitter cold for the month of January, this last week we started warming up with a bang! 70's and 80's! Is in the 60's today with more 70's on the way until Sunday.

    Growing up, my Dad could always tell how bad the weather was going to be by the cows. They would seek shelter under the trees in a ravine if the winter storm was going to be bad. If not, they would keep on grazing. Same in the summer with storms. If it was going to be a short rain shower, the chickens would run inside. If it was to be an all day soaker, they would stay out and continue eating. I agree, animals are the smartest weather forecasters!

    Take care...blessings!

  6. CottonLady.....How nice for you, to have such pretty weather! It has been a strange winter everywhere, I think. I will be glad when it is over.

    You are right about the animals. I remember as a kid living in west central Minnesota, when storm clouds would gather in the west we could always tell what was coming by the birds. If just a normal rain was on the way, the birds would gather in the trees, but they would keep up their chatter. If a severe thunder storm or threat of a tornado was headed our way, the birds would go silent. Now we have radar and weather alerts and we have stopped watching and listening to the animals and birds. I have found them to be right far more often than any forecaster.

  7. I just got off the mountain here in the Blue Ridge after being stuck up here for seven days. I hope the snow is over for the winter.

    I see a lot of familiar faces here, you must be writing a good blog.

  8. Harry.....Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I read your blog and wondered if you had made it off your mountain yet. Glad to hear you were able to. I have seen enough snow and cold here in Minnesota to last a while. I am more than ready for spring.

    I write for the amusement of my kids and grandkids, and am really surprised when someone else finds this blog interesting. I go off on a rant once in a while, but mostly I write just for fun. The good thing is that in the process I have met a bunch of really nice people through their blogs. That is a big and unexpected bonus!